How to wear your workout leggings in 2020

Forget about wearing workout leggings only at the Gym. Leggings are super versatile and they can complement any type of outfit. From street casual to sporty chic, we have compiled a set of outfits to inspire your wardrobe change in 2019 from day to night and from casual to chic. After all, who has time to change in between so many activities, appointments and meetings? Choose 10 different ways to wear leggings today.

  1. Choose a perfect pair of high waisted  black leggings for any occasion
Well, every woman pretty much has an awesome pair of black leggings; the one that can be easily worn at work, at the gym, and even at a club. Those with firm stretchy thick fabric are usually the best. They provide the perfect coverage and support for day and night. The best of all? Black leggings can be casually paired with a long blouse for work or the gym. For the night out, just change the blouse or add a blazer and high hills and you are good to go! 
  1. No need to ALWAYS cover up

As long as your leggings are thick enough, you don’t need to always cover your bottom with a long blouse. Therefore, a simple sweatshirt will look great. If you are going to wear a long blouse, choose one with style or some transparency for a stylish look. 


  1. Trying to wear cheetah leggings? We picked a few options to inspire you. Sometimes all you need is a black jacket and some nice boots. Feeling cold? Add a scarf toads more style. :)
  1. Do you have a short dress? Well instead of using it with stockings, add your leggings, boots and done. This is a perfect outfit for cold days.


  1. Your vinyl leggings do not only go well with high shoes. They make a perfect casual outfit when paired up with a shirt and tennis, and they will be warmer than stockings during the cold days.


  1. Another great option is a semi-long knit top, leggings, combat boots and a denim jacket at the waist.  


  1. You just love those printed leggings? Style them up with high heels, a sexy top and Voilà!  


  1. Do you have a long blouse that is too short to be worn as a dress? Perfect! For Summer time, try it with sandals and you will have a brand new outfit. This is a combination that not everyone loves, but if you still need to work on your tan and don't want to show off your legs, this is a great option to cover up and still look super cute. 


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January 02, 2019 — Kettlin Melo

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