Monthly News

  • Meet one of the Brazilian Entrepreneurs in the North Houston area

    Get a glimpse of our Founder journey on Voyage Houston Magazine selling Brazilian Bikinis and Activewear in the Houston area.
  • 10 Different ways to wear your leggings in 2019

    From street casual to sporty chic, we have compiled a set of outfits to inspire your wardrobe change in 2019 from day to night and from casual to chic. After all, who has time to change in between so many activities, appointments and meetings?
  • 5 Trends in the Activewear World to watch for in 2019

    The fitness fashion sector is growing rapidly right along with the innovations of the fashion universe. 2019 is the year to stay tuned on the new trends which include innovative fabrics with high end technology that not only make you feel comfortable and beautiful, but also enhance your performance during training.
  • How to choose the right workout jumpsuit?

    Dressing appropriately for working out can definitely have a direct impact on your exercise performance and mood. Check out why should pick the right workout jumpsuit today. 
  • What do you know about the newest technology in activewear?

    • Accelerates muscle recovery (if the garment is worn six hours a day after physical exercise)

    • Reduces muscle fatigue

    • Enhances performance levels while training (if the garment is worn 30 minutes in advance of an exercise session);

    • Ensures maximum comfort and wellbeing