Every day the fashion industry launches new trends, new colors and new styles, but how about a new fabric that will actually bring benefits to your body? that's right, Emana® came to revolutionize the way women think about their activewear.

EMANA® is the newest and revolutionary technology in the Textile Cosmetic Industry. When in contact with your body, the bioactive minerals incorporated in the yarn facilitate the exchange of heat which encourages blood micro-circulation at skin level, producing effects confirmed by independent and traditional laboratories.


How does Emana® contributes to enhancing sports performance levels?

  • Accelerates muscle recovery (if the garment is worn six hours a day after physical exercise)

  • Reduces muscle fatigue and cellulite appearance 

  • Enhances performance levels while training (if the garment is worn 30 minutes in advance of an exercise session);

  • Ensures maximum comfort and wellbeing

Isn't that amazing? What are you waiting for? Take advantage of all those benefits of our Smartwear collection by choosing the most suitable style for you today! We are positive you will love.

October 22, 2018 — Kettlin Melo

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