We proudly work with the latest technologies, raw materials and the best Brazilian suppliers.
Take a look on all the substances you can find on our products.
anti pilling fabricANTI-PILLING
      • Our Anti-Pilling fabrics guarantee scratch resistance to keep your clothes always looking smooth, refined and free of pill
chlorine resistant fabricCLORINE RESISTANCE
      • Our Chlorine Resistance technology ensures protection against deterioration and loss of shape that could be caused by exposure to chlorine during water sports or washing
compression leggingsCOMPRESSION
      • The engineering of compression fabrics is designed to improve mobility, increase oxygen flow to active muscles, reduce lactic acid accumulation and stop muscle fatigue
easy care fabricEASY CARE
      • Our fabrics are easy to care for. We always recommend them to be machine washed on cold. However, due to the special construction several styles, it is highly recommended to read the internal care instruction labels, which may indicate hand washing. If washed correctly, your garments can last over 10 years!
color protectionCOLOR LOVE
      • Our pieces go through a special coloring and dying process to ensure that your garments will retain the original luster and vividness of colors and prints regardless of sporting use and washes
moisture wicking technology fabricMOISTURE WICKING
      • Our moisture transport system drives your skin's sweat into the environment to keep you dry and comfortable during the heat and intense sports
  • Bacteriostatic and antimicrobial agents within our garments prevent odor caused by the proliferation of bacteria and fungi. Your pieces will always maintain freshness whenever washes
quick dry technologyQUICK DRY
      • Quick-drying technology optimizes moisture release to accelerate evaporation, keeping your body temperature balanced while providing comfort and focus during your workout
wrinkle free fabricWRINKLES FREE
      • The fabrics we work with are designed with high flexibility and elasticity to retain their original shape and texture regardless of the number of washes and vigorous use
fabrics with UV protectionUV PROTECTION
      • Our UV-protected fabrics are manufactured with a braided structure, offering SPF 50+ ultraviolet protection properties to inhibit excessive exposure of your skin to the sun

  • Emana® is Rhodia's 6.6 intelligent polyamide yarn with long infrared technology that converts human body heat into cosmetics benefits to your skin and sports performance
  • Thanks to the bioactive minerals embedded in the yarn, Emana® absorbs body heat and emits long infrared rays back to the skin, offering thermoregulatory properties and improving blood microcirculation
  • Emana® is a type of textile fabric with a unique formula that improves skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of cellulite, providing a smoother look and a more youthful skin
  • For athletes, Emana® improves sports performance by reducing muscle fatigue due to a lower oxygen consumption. It also contributes to rapid muscle recovery
  • All the benefits of Emana® have been scientifically proven. Its smart properties provide a permanent effect even after endless washings Emana® is OEKO-TEX 100 Class I certified, which ensures that the product contains no harmful substances to your body or the environment